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Committees participating in the Liaison Group

~ Aberdeen
~ Belfast City

~ Belfast International
~ Birmingham
~ Bournemouth
~ Bristol International

~ Edinburgh
~ Inverness

~ Glasgow

~ Glasgow Prestwick
~ Leeds Bradford
~ Liverpool John Lennon
~ London City
~ London Gatwick

~ London Heathrow
~ London Luton
~ London Stansted
~ Manchester

~ Newcastle
~ East Midlands -Nottingham, Leicester, Derby
~ Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield
~ Southampton



AIRPORTS can be powerful generators in the economy both nationally and locally. But they are also a source of noise and other pollution and they can be deleterious in the wider environment. So for some of their neighbours, and those who serve or represent them, they can be a mixed blessing. Through consultation and dialogue comes the understanding and compromise which allows many of the problems to be solved or at least mitigated. Along with the representation of passenger interests, this is the key role of an Airport Consultative Committee. Click here for more information and visit also our Statutory Framework page.

What is the Liaison Group?

Since 1980 the Chairmen and Secretaries of the Consultative Committees of the larger Airports have met annually to share experience and to discuss matters of common interest.  There are now twenty-three committees in this group.  Held at a different Airport each year, this meeting is arranged and serviced by the Secretariat of the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee.  The last meeting, on 11th June 2015, was held at Manchester Airport.

Between meetings most committees in the Group share in arrangements aimed at ensuring they are informed in good time of the wider issues and consultations bearing on their work.

Guidelines for Airport Consultative Committees were issued in April 2014


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